Regions of Known Space

Core Worlds
The worlds around the three home worlds of the founding races of the Consortium. The Humans in the region of Alpha Centari, the Glahn and the Ishantra. It has a fairly dense population and most megacorps have their headquarters here. The consortium rules here and Fleet presence is strong. There is always a lot happening in the Core, both out in the open and in the shadows.

There are many races even within the core worlds, many however have yet to achieve space travel.

Near Colonies
Devided into sectors and trade routs the near colonies sit just outside the core worlds. The consortium has less control here but fleet presence is still strong. With less direction from the Megacorps and the Consortium, Fleet rules the near colonies. Even with the ever watchful eyes of the fleet some entire worlds are run by a single megacorp, while others have varying forms of self government.

Inner Frontier
Largly unexplored zone from the Colonies to the Shatterzone. Though some worlds do hold colonies, or facilities run by Megacorps.
Though fewer goods and services are available out here there is plenty of work, and a higher degree of freedom. Fleet and the Consortium have only a marginal presence here. Where they are found they are usually found in force. They are ready for anything and self reliant enough to handle it without calling back to the core for orders. And any consortium colonies or bases are likely to have a strong Fleet presence to protect from the hazards of the Inner frontier.

This is also where the ‘bolters’ make their colonies. Aliens who have fled through the Shatterzone escaping some terrible hardship on the other side have homes in the inner frontier.

This is also the place where Fringer worlds are found. Groups or individuals living on the edge for their own reasons. the term fringers covers a huge variety of species groups and individuals.

The Shatterzone
The shatterzone is devided into three parts.
The Outer Layer, which is less dense and considered less dangerous.
The Inner Layer, the chaotic mass of ever changing matter and energy that few would even attempt to venture into.
The outer Layer, a less dense layer of rocks and energy on the far side of the zone.

Astronomers and astrophysisysts have estimated that the Shatterzone is an irregular oval from the observations that have been made at the edges of the inner frontier. If it holds true to its theorized shape it is likely twenty five hundred light years across. The core worlds, the near colonies and the inner frontier takes up about a fifth of the interior of the zone. The far side of the inner frontier ,opposite the shatterzone, is a realm of dead space where no habitable worlds have been found for over one hundred light years.

It is said that there are ‘tunnels’ that run through the shatterzone, that they are somehow navigable. One must assume that it’s true since the bolters are here and NetWorld claims to have sent through exploratory ships.

The Outer Frontier

Beyond the Shatterzone lies a all the rest of the galaxy and the universe. With what lies within the zone as a small sample one can only imagine what might lay beyond. The bolters speak of a terrible and aggressive race that lies outside the shatterzone. One that has chased many of them from their home worlds, they are called the Armagons.

Regions of Known Space

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