Flynn McKabe

Melencholy Megacorp Merc...and drunkard


Flynn had a wife, she left him. He has a daughter. She has given up on him. He had a pet goldfish once. It died. The ’verse has beaten his ass down more times than he can count. The toll was paid with credits…for gambling, women, and booze. His early career had him all gung-ho and spouting the company line, fully believing he was doing the right thing. But, in time, he learned and saw the truth of the matter: the corp was evil. Pure and simple. Not in-your-face with a handlebar mustache evil, but a slick, smiling, shake-you-hand with one arm and steal your wallet with the other. Uncaring. Amoral. Corrupt from down to the core.

Now, Flynn has been broken by all the injustice of it all. He wishes nothing more than to get “out” from under the thumb of the ’corp, but he has no illusions. The chance is virtually nil. Only when he is free from their reach can he have any chance of forgiving himself and maybe, just maybe, reconcile with his estranged family. If he can find them…


Flynn McKabe

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