Depths of Fear

That's it?

We should have just nuked it from orbit.

So far we had been pulled down to a planet by a distress beacon. Checking it out we found an abandoned Fleet science facility. (Fleet should n’t really be out this far though). And we located the comm room where the signal originated, but all attempts to enter the room had failed.

We came up with two possible methods of entry. One, to go through the door by creating a hole. And two is by creating the correct security credentials to open the door. Everyone returned to the surface platform and the ship. Todd grabbed a cutting torch and Rax grabbed a heavy spare part then jumped off into the water.

Shortly thereafter an escape pod landed on the surface platform.

From the open water access to the fabrication room was possible, though the pressure was punishing. With a little programming a copy of the security credentials in a security card was manufactured. And using this egress was a simple matter. The cutting torch wasn’t cutting it, so the team used the card to open the doors, gaining access to the room.

The room was a huge hollow sphere, within the sphere a platform had been constructed. The platform to the center curled around a covered pod and some computer controls. Moving to the center the team was surprised to see some sort of alien computer image. It threatened the team and most fled. One brave member stayed to attempt to shut down the security and the distress signal, allowing the group to leave.

With the system backing down and allowing the team to leave they loaded the escape pod and its passenger along with some creature from the facility onto the cargo ship and took off from Cassius 4. Traveling then to a station a few days away.

On the station everyone split up and attempted to find some source of credits. They decided to haul a fancy ground vehicle to some planet a week or so away. So we offloaded the pod and put on the car and made to ship out.



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