Depths of Fear

Rax Log AD 2515.25.70

Twisted on an inclined helical plane.

The culprits who tried to rob the casino are dead. Our team killed the four minions but left the leader, who blocked the door, alive for questioning. Then that a-hole Saul murdered the shit outa him. I knew something was fishy about him right there.

So the cops came and sorted out the mess, with a little encouragement from Saul. It all looked bad but we were in the clear and given the next day off. The person looking over our contract for transport of the mob bosses car left us a note to meet him …. I figured there was something fishy going on.

So we went and met him, and he was murdered by some remote drone delivering some kind of strawberry toxin. (maybe the accountant was allergic to strawberries or whatever.) So the cops magically showed up just as that happened. and we were hauled in for murder. I think as soon as they determine the cause of death we will be exonerated, but that will take time. In the meantime they fed us a drugged meal in the cell and we ended up back in the casino. Gotta pull some big strings to get four murder suspects drugged in their cells and released unconscious to a ‘business’ man. Something fishy there.

We woke up and were told we had super tech explosives attached to us that would explode in 12 hours. If we went and murdered a law enforcement guy we could leave without them exploding. I agreed, what the hell, only way to get away from this Saul psyco and find a way to get rid of this cyberware. I figured I have an exceptional knowledge of cyber technology and I could figure our how to remove them given some time. But is seems they are untamperable.

So we went to a meeting with this officer. I sent him a message that we were coming to assassinate him, and he should take precautions. of course when we get to the meeting he is already dead.

That is when the object hit the station and fell to the planet. We made it to the ship and followed it down. It turned out to be an asteroid made up of super dense metal, exactly the kinda thing that would be needed to blow through a station. We collected the main mass and much of the excess metal. It could be pretty useful. I think I could use it in a bunch of different applications on, in and around the ship as well as some other odds and ends.

So that is where we are back on the ship with a bit of metal and a whole lot of problems, all of them caused by Saul. That dude needs to have his tongue removed with a pare of pliers and a plasma torch. But we will get to that. It still seems to me that we aren’t getting the deactivation signal sent to our explosives if we aren’t in proximity of the station. Well maybe the explosives will be good. After the day we have had I am almost ready to say fuck it .. go ahead … explode, it would be an improvement to my day.



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