The Fhah'Que

Cargo space ship.


Weighing in at a mass of almost 400 metric tonnes the cargo freighter isn’t small.

Able to be handled by a crew of only 2 the Cargo freighter is set for long haul missions carrying whatever cargo the crew can afford.
It has room for up to six additional passengers and can holds supplies for a crew of 8 for up to 11 weeks.
It has 3 main equipment lockers pressurized 10 ton bay, an open bay, a segmented pressure bay for 5 tons and a 5 ton vehicle bay
It has a scan sensor with Display, and internal diagnostic sensors, as well as passive proximity alert and visual alert sensors. The probe sensors are ship to ship.
For Weapons it has two Blaster Cannons mounted forward (DV: 36 range 1-5/8/10/20)
Hull toughness: 25
Facing : 6
Armor: TOU+5/30
Shields: Iridium Compound, value TOU+3/33
Reaction Drive size 28, durability 11
Maneuver rating: 3
Quantum Drive Rating: 2
Energy Plant: Fusion Reactor, value 11, backup battery(2) (rating 7)
Total Energy Points: 150
Combat Energy Points: 106
Standard Energy Points: 102
Energy Breakdown: life support(14), vehicle bay(1), scan sensor (2), internal sensors (2), prox. alert (1), probe sensors (4), Blaster cannon, turret (2) (27), IRC shields (18), reaction Drive (28), maneuver +4 (3), Q-Drive (40), computer (5)
CVP: Storage capacity 14
Total Computer Points: 100
Combat Computer Points: 39
Standard Computer Points: 50
Compute Point Breakdown: Life support (1), Vehicle Bay (1), scan sensors (2), internal sensors (2),Prox. alert (1), probe sensors (2), blaster cannon, turret (2) (6), IRC shields (1), reaction drive(11), maneuver +3 (3), Q-drive (18), fusion reactor (4), Programs (5)
Navigation (Q-drive) -5

Based on a D5-Mantis Patrol Craft from Star Wars. There are lots of pictures online.


The Fhah'Que

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