Raktorian Ventaros "Rax"

Adept mechanic and computer whiz


Raktorian is a young human of 15 years. He has reddish blond hair and freckles, Standing at just under 5’6" tall he is fit but not what anyone would call an imposing physical specimen. Usually distracted by something, he doesn’t understand people very well and avoids social situations. Hygiene is a secondary concern since he doesn’t care what others think of him and he is usually quite covered in grease and grime. He has o parents to tell him otherwise. One truly unusual feature however is his eyes, there are purple sparkles behind the pupil that are only really noticeable in dim light like pieces of glitter floating behind his eye.

People that know him call him Rax. He has gained a reputation as a scavenger and a tinker. The local law enforcement know him well since he often goes places he isn’t supposed to be and sometimes hangs out with a bad crowd, but generally he doesn’t make trouble and they treat him more as a precocious nephew (they know he has no parents) than a criminal. People sometimes bring him things to fix if they can’t afford professional repairs.(Usually small items that aren’t worth paying to fix.)

He works part time as a space ship mechanic apprentice, though he actually knows more about repairing ships than his boss. He is careful not to let anyone realize how much he knows. He has cobbled together a pretty decent computer setup in the shelter he has found in the station(or city). He spends most of his off hours scrounging around for interesting things or doing stuff on his computer.


Moving around a large gas giant circling an unusual orange star is the moon called ANG157 d3. It is a ball of rock devoid of atmosphere or life. Some years ago an asteroid impacted the surface and exposed some underground openings. A stellar scientist had observed the impact and reported his data and observations at a symposium a year later. Geologists looking at the scans reported a strange anomaly from the event. A team of researchers including Galaria Ventaros were gathered to investigate the moon.

They set up their base in the research ship which they landed on the surface a short way from the impact site. Once they went out they discovered that the openings were the remains of a structure possibly a ship that had been on the moon for thousands, possibly millions of years. They began a long and cautious exploration of the ruins, with no communication with the outside for security reasons.

Two years into the survey the team managed to open a new part of the ruins. Once inside they discovered power and accidentally triggered some sort of alien system. It flooded the room with some sort of radiation which caused a complete shutdown of all computer and mechanical systems in the ruins. The investigating team rushed back to the research ship, barely making it with their air reserves. Over the next few weeks most of those on the team that found the room died due to genetic abnormalities overwhelming their systems. Three members survives, one was horribly mutated, one was left in a vegetative state and the last survivor, Galaria seemed unharmed.

During the extensive medical testing it was determined that she had become pregnant some weeks before the incident. Her partner was the researcher who was in a vegetative state due to the event in the ruins. The two suffering after the event were sent to medical facilities to treat their conditions under strict secrecy. Galaria stayed due to the importance of the find and her value to the team.

All seemed well and she had the baby some months later. Everything went normally until the umbilical cord was cut. All of Galarias organs and brain function ceased at that moment and she could not be revived. The team followed Galarias wishes and named the baby Raktorian. She had prepared to raise the baby on the research ship so all the preparations were in place. The team decided to raise him and keep the dig going. He was raised and educated by the scientists, while they made one discovery after another. Raktorian physical development seemed normal, and his mental development was quite advanced.

After years of research and discovery one of the scientists broke silence and offered to sell the research to someone who would make him wealthy. It was only weeks later that the raiders came. Whether it was the individual trying to get the research for himself or a random group checking out the source of the signal makes no difference. They trashed the research vessel and killed all the researchers. Raktorian survived by hiding outside the ship in his specially made space suit. As a group the raiders landed on the site of the ruins and went to investigate.

Raktorian was scared. Two of the raiders were making their way back to the research ship, they would surely find him and kill him too. He tried to hide and make himself small, then the ruins exploded. The raiders ship and most of the buried structure was destroyed and the two raiders approaching the research craft were blown off the moon, probably with ruptured space suits.

Raktorian was alone and 8 years old on a lifeless moon in the middle of nowhere. The scientists had taught him much though and he managed to survive. After weeks of scrounging and research he was able to get the life support and food processor back online. It was many months before the ship was able to function on the moon at full efficiency. The communications was beyond repair, but Raktorian found most of the systems were functional.

He began to explore and scavenge pieces of the raiders ship and what was left of the ruins. Deeper in there were still some unusual places left mostly intact. It took 5 years for him to repair the engine systems on the research ship enough to attempt to leave the moon. He made a copy of the information learned by the team and hid it on his person. He programmed the ship to return to the original embarkation point of the team and waited. After three weeks the ship announced space traffic and only a few million miles from a large space station.

Raktorian triggered the self destruct on the research ship and jettisoned on the life support pod. His origin and history were obliterated and he was picked up within hours and taken to the station. He made up a story about being part of a colony convoy attacked by raiders and his ship, damaged beyond repair being pushed past its limits trying to get to the station. With no child services on the station he apprenticed to a starship mechanic and tried to never show the extent of his skills.

Raktorian Ventaros "Rax"

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