Depths of Fear

What's going on?

Where are we? Why are we here?

The alarms rang throughout the ship. Cryosleep often causes disorientation but the sound of alarms and shaking of atmospheric entry only made things worse. While the captain tried to take over from the automated systems and stop the ship from crashing into the planet the rest of the ragtag crew just had to hang on.

With some luck and an application of piloting skill we managed to touch down on a floating platform on the watery surface of the planet. An automated distress signal had caused our ship to respond and come to this out of the way world. With caution we exited the ship and took the elevator down into the complex.

It appeared abandoned but shortly we found automated security still functioning. With some investigation a single area seemed to be remaining unflooded. The computer was mostly shut down but coding indicated some kind of covert research facility. We traveled down to the deeper levels of the subsurface structure. Level E-9 was partially clear of flooding most of the blast doors held back chambers of reddish sea water. We explored some sort of science lab but were unable to find any relevant information. One thing was discovered, the comm room was free of water and must be where the distress call came from.

We tried many techniques to get the door open but were unable to force or circumvent the locks. Only a security card could open the lock but we were unable to find such a card. It appears that the fabrication room has specs for the card but it was behind flooded chambers. If only we could get there and back without flooding the entire level we could find out the mystery behind this encounter.



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