Depths of Fear

Rax Log AD 2515.25.70
Twisted on an inclined helical plane.

The culprits who tried to rob the casino are dead. Our team killed the four minions but left the leader, who blocked the door, alive for questioning. Then that a-hole Saul murdered the shit outa him. I knew something was fishy about him right there.

So the cops came and sorted out the mess, with a little encouragement from Saul. It all looked bad but we were in the clear and given the next day off. The person looking over our contract for transport of the mob bosses car left us a note to meet him …. I figured there was something fishy going on.

So we went and met him, and he was murdered by some remote drone delivering some kind of strawberry toxin. (maybe the accountant was allergic to strawberries or whatever.) So the cops magically showed up just as that happened. and we were hauled in for murder. I think as soon as they determine the cause of death we will be exonerated, but that will take time. In the meantime they fed us a drugged meal in the cell and we ended up back in the casino. Gotta pull some big strings to get four murder suspects drugged in their cells and released unconscious to a ‘business’ man. Something fishy there.

We woke up and were told we had super tech explosives attached to us that would explode in 12 hours. If we went and murdered a law enforcement guy we could leave without them exploding. I agreed, what the hell, only way to get away from this Saul psyco and find a way to get rid of this cyberware. I figured I have an exceptional knowledge of cyber technology and I could figure our how to remove them given some time. But is seems they are untamperable.

So we went to a meeting with this officer. I sent him a message that we were coming to assassinate him, and he should take precautions. of course when we get to the meeting he is already dead.

That is when the object hit the station and fell to the planet. We made it to the ship and followed it down. It turned out to be an asteroid made up of super dense metal, exactly the kinda thing that would be needed to blow through a station. We collected the main mass and much of the excess metal. It could be pretty useful. I think I could use it in a bunch of different applications on, in and around the ship as well as some other odds and ends.

So that is where we are back on the ship with a bit of metal and a whole lot of problems, all of them caused by Saul. That dude needs to have his tongue removed with a pare of pliers and a plasma torch. But we will get to that. It still seems to me that we aren’t getting the deactivation signal sent to our explosives if we aren’t in proximity of the station. Well maybe the explosives will be good. After the day we have had I am almost ready to say fuck it .. go ahead … explode, it would be an improvement to my day.

Rax Log AD 2515.24.85
Trouble at the tables

So as the bullets are flying I thought I would take a little time to update my logs. Currently we are working for some weird little casino owner who thinks old timey mysticism is a cool gimmick. (You would think he would at least paint his cyber hand like wood or something then.)

But anyhow when last we left we had taken a ‘job’ for this shady dude to carry a car for 3LY and he was going to pay us big bucks. Sounded two easy to be true, I figured he was gonna steal it from us, claim the insurance, and then make us pay for it, thus getting triple value from the vehicle. But it turns out he was just smuggling some sick pervy stuff in a computer in the car. Whatever!

So anyhow we get to this old space station called Shadowport (you would think they wouldn’t advertise that it was a seedy criminal hive of scum so blatantly in the name of the place, but there you go…) to deliver the package. I had determined there was more computer in the car than it needed but I didn’t even want to take this job so what do I care right?

_to be continued once I have read up more on cyberspace and time within the computer.

GM: There’ isn’t much, that’s for sure! Anyway, I’m going to likely have to use some other source; probably Cyberpunk with some “updates”. If not that, then I’m looking at both Shadowrun or Alternity I guess. i’ll decide by next session and let everyone know then.

I have been looking online and they came out with a book called Hardware/Software: Take a walk on the cyber side. But I can’t find a digital copy anywhere. (well not one I can afford) And no info can be found about actual rules anywhere I look in the internet, guess that’s what happens when you play an old game that never was that popular.. The test of Shatterzone says a million times faster, I am going to assume a little less than that._

I guess we contacted the receiving party, and tried to get the car back from security, I stayed on the ship and worked on my ENVI-suit. After a couple hours the station alarms went off. My hand computer linked to the station comm system and found out it was due to some strange space phenomenon near the station. Everyone got to the ship during the ‘emergency’, but we were forced to wait in the station because the control room wasn’t answering comms.

While waiting Todd met some kid that told us to go meet someone for a job. We had nothing better to do and we couldn’t leave anyway so we went with him. He took us to a different section of the station. W had to use an elevator to quickly cross the open center of the station. Todd kinda freaked out and had to be put down to save us from a fatal elevator accident. He probably just has a massive headache though.

We got to the gambling hall and saw it was made up all ancient and pre-science looking. We sat at a table and on of those sexy Kestarians came up to take our order. She seemed to think I was some kind of child. She had great boobs but seemed pretty stupid, I could handle anything she had, like those boobs. When she brought the drinks and got my order wrong I left. If a place doesn’t want to give me any respect I got no time for them.

While heading back to the ship I found a homeless guy having a sip himself. I sat down with him and we discussed how judgmental some people are. We shared the bottle and he seemed like a pretty good guy. It took a few tries but I got the hang of his brand of fire water. That is about when Todd showed up.

He wanted me to go back and give the gambling hall another chance. We came to terms and I agreed. He was going to get me a date with the waitress and I would show her I was old enough … ya by having manly sex with her.

I went back to the tavern and got the info that we were going to provide extra security for the casino during some kind of tournament. Sure, doesn’t sound too hard. We traveled to the ship, except Todd (I think he didn’t want to deal with the elevator in space), to get some gear.

When we arrived back at the casino (called shiny rat or whatnot,) and we sat down. The bimbo offered us some drinks but didn’t talk to me, I was gonna head back to the ship when an even hotter Kestarian Kestarian Chick came over and asked me if I wanted to get a drink with her. She couldn’t even hide how much she wanted me so we got a table. After a bit she took me to the room I had been furnished with for the job and I fucked her all night. It was awesome, she totally couldn’t control herself and we had a lot of sex. She is the best woman I ever knew. I think she has got it for me bad. I should get her something nice to remind her of our first romantic night together. She said I was the best ever.

So that’s pretty awesome, I have a serious girlfriend and she is hotter than everyone else on the station, they are probably all jealous.

I was up early after only a couple hours sleep, but I was so awesome I was totally awake. Nobody else was up yet, so I went over some of the tech systems of the casino. I looked over the computers, got some breakfast and looked over the gaming tables. I set up shop in the security office. When cappy woke up I went down and told him how great the day was.

So now I am back in the security office interfaced with their security network. They don’t have any automated gun turrets or offensive security devices. but the cameras keep a good eye on things.

That’s how I noticed the man who dropped some kind of electrified barrier across the front door. That was followed by four more individuals pulling out weapons and threatening the patrons. That all happened about seven seconds ago, I informed the security detail and my team and now there are two live machine gun wielding assailants and the guy in black who triggered the electro barrier.

SO I should get back to turning the lights off and focusing on the bad guys, stupid lighting system has redundant backups I have to disable, and I can only turn them off as fast as they can physically be manipulated. So while waiting for the lights I thought I would update my log. We will see if any medical assistance is required for my team. So far so good. Go get em!

Rax Log AD 2515.12.8
Personal Log

Woke from cryosleep to alarms and stupid ship shaking itself apart. It had gotten hooked on a priority distress signal and followed it into a planets atmosphere before it woke anyone. I am going to need to do something about that damn programming, fucking thing almost got us all dead.

The captain aint good for much but he is a pretty good pilot then he concentrates. Good in a firefight too, I seen him gun down three guys one time they tried to hijack the ship. That was right after he offered to let me travel on his ship as long as I kept it running. Guess that was only a few months ago, but is seems a lot longer. After I patched him up he managed to fly us to another station where he got proper medical help and we picked up a smuggler with a cargo and a lady looking for a ride. Brook and Todd have been useful since I guess though I don’t see any of them much.

So anyway the captain managed to keep us from crashing into the ocean of the planet. Seems like an out of the way ball of rock and water (mostly water on the surface) called Cassius 4. A little watery drip of a planet on the edge of the inner frontier, with iron rich blood red oceans and a secret Fleet facility sucking in ships from deep space with it’s damnable distress signal. We landed on a metal platform sticking out of the water.

The whole planet is wet, water is even falling through the air, blech. But everyone says we should all go check it out. So I put on an ENVI-suit, cause well that is an environment so duh! We all go out and go down the elevator to the lobby. Some beat up old security bots come out and I take cover by the computer terminals, trying to tap into the security program. Everyone else blows the bots to scrap. Too bad too, if I had been given a chance to reprogram one then we would have had an escort around the facility, and that would have made our day a lot easier.

It turns out that it was a Fleet facility and the signal was originating from somewhere deep below the surface. The consoles in the lobby had limited functionality, seems someone had shut down the main computer. All the info I could get indicated most of the building was flooded but a few sealed chambers still held air on level e-9. The codding indicated it was supposed to be some sort of secret level in the hidden facility. Damn Fleet trying to keep everything top secret and above top secret and super extra top secret, bunch of dickbags.

We used the elevator to get to E-9, it seemed to be about 60 meters below the surface. The main hall had water about up to my knees, filled with seaweed and briny critters and gunk. Most of the doors were sealed and holding back an ocean of water. We managed to get to some sort of science room. Only one of the computers still worked but it had a live floor plan and we noticed two other rooms were free of water, the comm room and some sort of tool room. We assumed the signal was likely coming from the comm room.

While I scaved for scientific data, parts and portable scientific apparatus The others checked the door. Todd blasted the lock with his gun, ya sure I said he should but I can’t believe he actually did it. I managed to repair it enough to figure out it was coded to a specific key card authentication. We looked for a card but didn’t find one. The science computer contained records of the tool room containing a fabricator that could make key cards. The problem was that the only way into the tool room was through flooded chambers or from outside by means of a moon pool in the room.

Water rushing through the security doors forced us to move to other alternatives. We were left with trying to make a hole in the door or getting to the fabricator from the outside. We went back to the ship to regroup and gather equipment. Todd grabbed a cutting torch and I grabbed a heavy piece of scrap. As Todd went to the elevator I jumped off the platform into the water.

The metal weight carried me down quickly, the pressure really hurt but I managed to keep my head and let go of the weight at the right time. I saw the ruins of some of the rest of the facility on the bottom a few dozen meters away. I also saw a huge tentacled armored fish creature disappearing around the far side of the structure. I didn’t waste any time entering the fabrication room from through the moon pool.

The building shook while I was programming the computer to manufacture the key card. Later I found out it was an escape pod hitting the ship platform. It carried a human woman I later found out, she is called she … weird but whatever. I got the key and got out of the room and back into the unflooded part of E-9 where Todd was pretending to use the cutting torch to heat the security door. With the proper credentials we opened the door.

The room was a massive hollow sphere with a radius of at least 12 meters. A metal walkway, obviously not of the same construction as the sphere, went out to the center and around some sort of sealed object with many sensors and devices built on it.

As we approached the center we noticed the blinking light of the distress beacon and the object opened. A strange alien figure emerged, that of a humanoid alien head and torso. The eyes opened and it informed us we were unauthorized personnel and were to be eliminated. Automated gun turrets came out of the ceiling and began tracking us. The others ran but I stayed and plugged into the nearest cyber data port. This was an alien system being studied by Fleet. I managed to turn off the blasted beacon but was only able to convince the alien system to allow us to leave in peace. Then I left.

The captain found some kind of female fish creature to bring with him. He can be a bit creepy sometimes. But we went back to the surface and loaded the escape pod and left.

I am not sure how much data or stuff I got from the science room, I still have to go through it. Maybe someday we will return with diving equipment to Cassius 4. The computer has been shut down so much of its data may be recoverable even after prolonged submersion. And the alien room is unlikely to suffer any damage. It will likely take many years for the facility to degrade enough to collapse, though it will likely be completely flooded if we go back.

If any of the data is good I should be able to study the logs of my interaction with the alien device and the material I salvaged from the scientists to generate a program to clear me as authorized personnel. Yes, some day we may return. But right now, I am getting some sleep.

That's it?
We should have just nuked it from orbit.

So far we had been pulled down to a planet by a distress beacon. Checking it out we found an abandoned Fleet science facility. (Fleet should n’t really be out this far though). And we located the comm room where the signal originated, but all attempts to enter the room had failed.

We came up with two possible methods of entry. One, to go through the door by creating a hole. And two is by creating the correct security credentials to open the door. Everyone returned to the surface platform and the ship. Todd grabbed a cutting torch and Rax grabbed a heavy spare part then jumped off into the water.

Shortly thereafter an escape pod landed on the surface platform.

From the open water access to the fabrication room was possible, though the pressure was punishing. With a little programming a copy of the security credentials in a security card was manufactured. And using this egress was a simple matter. The cutting torch wasn’t cutting it, so the team used the card to open the doors, gaining access to the room.

The room was a huge hollow sphere, within the sphere a platform had been constructed. The platform to the center curled around a covered pod and some computer controls. Moving to the center the team was surprised to see some sort of alien computer image. It threatened the team and most fled. One brave member stayed to attempt to shut down the security and the distress signal, allowing the group to leave.

With the system backing down and allowing the team to leave they loaded the escape pod and its passenger along with some creature from the facility onto the cargo ship and took off from Cassius 4. Traveling then to a station a few days away.

On the station everyone split up and attempted to find some source of credits. They decided to haul a fancy ground vehicle to some planet a week or so away. So we offloaded the pod and put on the car and made to ship out.

What's going on?
Where are we? Why are we here?

The alarms rang throughout the ship. Cryosleep often causes disorientation but the sound of alarms and shaking of atmospheric entry only made things worse. While the captain tried to take over from the automated systems and stop the ship from crashing into the planet the rest of the ragtag crew just had to hang on.

With some luck and an application of piloting skill we managed to touch down on a floating platform on the watery surface of the planet. An automated distress signal had caused our ship to respond and come to this out of the way world. With caution we exited the ship and took the elevator down into the complex.

It appeared abandoned but shortly we found automated security still functioning. With some investigation a single area seemed to be remaining unflooded. The computer was mostly shut down but coding indicated some kind of covert research facility. We traveled down to the deeper levels of the subsurface structure. Level E-9 was partially clear of flooding most of the blast doors held back chambers of reddish sea water. We explored some sort of science lab but were unable to find any relevant information. One thing was discovered, the comm room was free of water and must be where the distress call came from.

We tried many techniques to get the door open but were unable to force or circumvent the locks. Only a security card could open the lock but we were unable to find such a card. It appears that the fabrication room has specs for the card but it was behind flooded chambers. If only we could get there and back without flooding the entire level we could find out the mystery behind this encounter.

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